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Mandell Professionals in Residence Project (MPiRP):

"'RENT' was done in partnership of 11th Hour Theater Co. and the MPiRP in 2010.'RENT' was done in partnership of 11th Hour Theater Co. and the MPiRP in 2010.A Department of Performing Arts collaborative program bringing theatre and dance professionals on to the Drexel campus for performances, production and instruction.

The Mandell Professionals in Residence Project, which is supported in part by a grant from the Samuel P. Mandell Foundation is an ongoing collaboration with the professional theatre and dance communities of Philadelphia and Drexel University.

Members of the Drexel University community will be enriched by the high quality of dance and theatrical productions being offered through MPiRP in the Mandell Theater. In addition to receiving discounted tickets for MPiRP performance events, students will benefit from workshops and opportunities to gain hands on experience with established professionals. Click here to watch a performance by the 'RENT' Cast on NBC's The 10! Show. 

"It's great to be able to get a professional credit to our name at such a young age, and the fact that they (the professional artists) are so willing and so happy to share this with us. It's been a really great experience." Rachel Semigran, Junior - English

mpirpmpirp"Its completely changed the way I work seeing how they carry themselves in a rehearsal atmosphere and how they carry themselves in performance and I think that it has brought all of us to the next level." Jeremy Toll, Freshman - Music Industry

Click here to hear more about what students and professionals have to say about MPiRP.

Philadelphia is fast becoming one of the most important places in the country for innovative and exciting theater and dance. MPiRP will provide valuable space for some of these up and coming performing arts organizations and artists. Drexel hopes to be an artistic home and fill a void for quality performance space in the Philadelphia performance community.

Residencies vary from a single artist (actor, playwright, director, choreographer, designer) to a full company in residence. The specifics of each residency vary depending on the needs and talents of the particular partners. Each unique collaboration is designed to benefit both Drexel and the professionals with the goal of giving students a unique educational experience and offering the professionals in residence the resources and diverse talents that Drexel has to offer. Professional residencies have full use of the Mandell Theater complex including rehearsal space, along with limited use of scene and costume shops and a 400+ seat proscenium stage with a fly system (Theater Specs).